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McAfee: Bitcoin will fall in June to $ 15,000 then descend again

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John McAfee is since the beginning of the crypto market is a strong Supporter and also a true Oracle when it comes to Price predictions for Bitcoin and the crypto market. His latest hypothesis predicts that the price of Bitcoin will rise until June to $ 15,000.

A brilliant prediction which appears at the present time is unlikely, is McAfee’s forecast of the Bitcoin price up to the year 2020 where the top dog with a $ 500,000 value. Two days ago, the crypto announced enthusiast his latest prediction that Bitcoin will go up June first for $ 15,000 and it will be in July, is a setback.

We would welcome it, of course, very if the would before the votes say, however, do not suggest the developments of the last few weeks on such a reversal of the trend. On the contrary, There were no negative headlines or a fear of future regulations, the investors could drive to pull money out of the market.

The price of Bitcoin is at the time of writing at 7.577, $ 32, so that the rate would have to almost double, to correspond to the prediction of McAfee.

Also, the current market situation unfortunately shows no remarkable change in the last few days and weeks. The market moves in total, sideways, and the total market capitalization has decreased since the beginning of may of 470 billion dollars on today, nearly 337 billion dollars.

As we previously reported there is however some circumstantial evidence in favour of it, that soon, some institutional investors could enter the market. It must, however, eliminated the barriers to Entry and some of the collateral, as well as regulatory steps are clarified.

Goldman Sachs announced a Bitcoin-Trading Desk, to introduce, in the case of the investors directly in the bitcoin trade to get in.

Furthermore, the CEO of Nasdaq, commented positively, saying that as soon as some regulatory steps are not cleared, Bitcoin and Ethereum could be traded.

Furthermore, the LMAX Exchange, has opened in London, the first major crypto-currency exchange which is only open for institutional investors. On this Exchange, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash should be listed.

The cryptographic stock exchange-Coinbase, announced Coinbase Prime a new product that specially designed for institutional investors is supposed to be suitable (freely translated):

This product will fill a lack of critical infrastructure for institutions. In the course of the year, we intend to customers with qualified credit and margin financing products, High-Touch and Low-Touch Execution Services to offer such as Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading and algorithmic Orders, as well as new market data and Research products. We will also introduce platform enhancements like Multi-User permissions and Whitelist withdrawal addresses.

Although these developments are slowly pushed and this could have a positive impact on the market, it should not be forgotten that the crypto market is dominated by a few bitcoin giant.

Therefore, it remains to be seen is moved in the direction of Bitcoin and the whole crypto market for the next few days and weeks.

Below we have for you a list of Bitcoin addresses made, have stashed away a lot of Bitcoin.

1. Approximately 167,000 to BTC

2. About 160, 000 BTC

3. Approx. output of 93,000 BTC

4. Around 80,000 BTC

5. Approximately 73.000 BTC

6. Approx. a total of 69,000 BTC

7. Approximately 66,000 of BTC

8. Approximately 54.000 BTC

9. Approximately 53.000 BTC

10. 35,000 BTC

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