Liam Gallagher may not curses

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The BBC tries to prevent Liam Gallagher is going to swear during the live uitzening of BBC Radio 2’s Biggest Weekends, where the rocker this weekend occurs.

Liam Gallagher

“There hangs a poster in his dressing room for Liam to remember that he language should pay attention to,” says a source to The Mirror. “There is also an organizer around him in the holes and on appeals before it on the stage.”

In the past, did not even Adele, the warning on your left, and Dave Grohl ignored the request. In fact, he did even better on top, and swore on purpose more often. Seen Liam Gallagher is known quite coarse bent et, so the question of whether the vocalist will be listening and the BBC, this does not oil on the fire throws. It is to hope for the producemten that the button which, among other epithets can be weggepiept works well.

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