’Kiev’ was already for kick-off final failed

KIEV – Bommeldingen, masked hooligans, chaos at the airport, crying fans. The organization of the Champions League final in Kiev is so lousy that UEFA are dissatisfaction has been expressed and repetition, at all costs, wants to avoid.

While the organization blundert, excel the Liverpool fans (see video below).

Thursday was the all touch. A group of twenty masked men stormed into the Grid Grill-restaurant, where Liverpool fans around 20.30 hours sat to dine, and then the quantity of short and small to store.

“We were quietly eating, completely busy with our self. They came suddenly, like a pack of dogs on us. Here I am not to come”, says a disappointed Liverpool fan.

Text continues below the video.

Also today the weather was touch in the city, but the ’hooligan’ on the video below what less success. Earlier also revealed that, due to a lack of space, three flights Liverpool-fans to Kiev are cancelled. Zevenhonderddertig grieving fanatics remained at home. They see Liverpool – Real Madrid is now on television.

Embarrassing, find UEFA. President Aleksander Ceferin says that in the future more critical look to the venue. “That must be kept in a place that is out there capable enough for it.”


He just had his words, or Kiev – which is also regularly bombs off – was startled by a bomalarm. Five stations were hastily closed, some panic made himself master of the tourists. It proved to be a false alarm.

Nevertheless, party

Liverpool fans, known as one of the most fanatic supporters in the world, left their feast, however, does not spoil. Hours for the kick-off blaring the song by the Ukrainian streets. “It doesn’t matter where you are in Kiev,” noted ESPN on from a great height, “but everywhere you hear the Liverpool fans.”

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