Katwijk champion: title for deceased team manager

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Katwijk is champion of the second division, the third level football in the Netherlands.

The players of this feast.

The club played Saturday with a 0-0 at the last remaining competitor, Cossacks Boys. With a win, had the for your own audience, playing formation in Werkendam at the sold-out sportpark The Zwaaier the title won.

Katwijk closed the season under the guidance of trainer Jack van den Berg now with a lead of two points on Cossacks Boys, the team of trainer Danny Buijs. He has next season in the premier league the lead over FC Groningen. There is no promotion associated with the championship in the second division.

There were more than 4000 spectators at the top. The father of the earlier this year died team manager Sander Molenaar (38), handed the scale off.


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