Jamie Oliver thinks of starting a family

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Jamie Oliver has previously sworn that he had not further little one wants, but the tv chef, would now perhaps like to even have a baby want. Oliver and his wife Jools already have five children: Poppy (16), Daisy (15), Petal (9), Buddy (7) and River (21 months)

Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools, together with their five children

On the question of Bang Showbiz if he is still a member of his family wants to add, responds Oliver, not completely dismissive. “I don’t know, actually. We try not to, but you never know. I’m not going to say that there are no more children will come. Jools calls ever since her eighteenth that they have a large family wants. I thought at the time that they were there, two children referred to…”

Jamie notes that there are large differences between his role as a father for the teenagers as it is for the little ones. “Sometimes I ask the elders what they of me as a father. They gave me a 6.5, because I according to them, sometimes quite confused about come to teenagers, but according to them, I am without a doubt a 9 if it comes to the little ones.”

The chef has a good explanation for that difference. “My brain connect much better with the little ones. The oldest children are so smart, they make me exhausted!”, jokes he.

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