Hunting on grizzly’s may be back around Yellowstone

6b5927d95ef68252760e723f55829c14 - Hunting on grizzly's may be back around Yellowstone

After a ban of 44 years old from the autumn re hunting on grizzly bears in the U.s. state of Wyoming.

To 22 grizzly’s may in Wyoming to be shot, except when they are in a national park.

That is a result of a decision of the federal authorities. Who brought the beer last year from the endangered species list in the region of Yellowstone, which is the yacht again. The population in and around the national park has recovered, what it sounds like. Of the 150 bears in 1975 to more than 700 bears today. The states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming should themselves decide about the management of the animals.

In Idaho this season, one male bear shot. Montana voted against a trophy hunting.

While hunters and many ranchers are satisfied, encounter the decision to fierce protest from animal rights and native americans. In a few days collected a onlinepetitie already more than 200,000 signatures. Furthermore, runs a series of lawsuits against the hunting licence.

Tribes of native americans, the grizzly bear consider it to be sacred, for to bears, to relocalizing.

Federal biologists say that a limited hunt, the population in the area probably will not cause harm. But in a letter to the governor say 73 scientists that the hunting of vulnerable species in danger.

Grizzly’s plants but slowly. In the years ‘70 golden, the animals are nearly wiped out. When it was a hunting ban, the population again rose to over 2,000 copies in North America. That resulted in another problem: the confrontation of the animals, looking for food, with people.

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