Hundreds of travellers have to in Thalys overnight

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Hundreds of travelers spent the night of Friday to Saturday in the Thalystrein spent in the north station in Paris. That the railway company explained. About a thousand passengers, spread over three trains, were affected by default.

First walked the high-speed trains (Thalys is 20: 25 and 21: 55 hours, and the low cost Izy of 20.22 hours) one to two hour delay in Paris-North as a result of the severe weather in France. Due to the bad weather could the trains not drive fast, according to the railway company.

The trains could then not on the Belgian railway network, because after midnight the work had started. The trains then had to return to Paris.

250 passengers to spend the night in the station

The passengers were given the choice of three alternatives: either could be the travelers from the Paris region at the expense of Thalys take a taxi to go home. For 130 passengers (families with children, or elderly or sick persons) paid Thalys a night in a Paris hotel. Because there are no hotel rooms more were available, had 250 other passengers in the Paris north station overnight. They were given the assurance that they the first early train in the morning should take. Food and drink, and blankets were brought in for the stranded travelers.

Shortly after 6 a.m. Saturday morning, around 350 people finally to Brussels-South can leave. They arrived at 8.50 pm. On French soil had to train on the classic tracks to drive, because the high-speed rail is not usable due to the severe weather.

Thalys says that all passengers who are affected have experienced Friday night will be compensated with vouchers for Thalysreizen.

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