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Four young Belgian athletes walk limits for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin on IFAM Oordegem

At the International Flanders Athletics Meeting (IFAM) in Oordegem, young people Jonathan Sacoor and Eliott Crestan Saturday, the minima obtained for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in August in Berlin. Sacoor ran in the 400 metres to 46.07, Crestan on the 800 meters in 1:47.18. Also Renée Eykens and Elise Vanderelst qualified for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, albeit on the 1,500 metres.

Sacoor broke in the 4×400 metres already when he last winter to bronze ran at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Birmingham with the Belgian Tornados, but now he can prepare for his first big tournament in the individual 400 metres. He had to promise to the B-limit of 46.70 meet. In Oordegem, he ran to the fourth place. He must be that he is also at the end of July to the fastest three Belgians, otherwise, he would have from the selection.

Crestan is not yet a well-known name, but in the atletiekwereldje considered for years as one of the greatest promises. His timing in Oordegem meant a new Belgian record in the juniors (U20). Crestan had as a promise, the B-limit of 1:47.60 necessary. In the 200 meters came Robin Vanderbemden to 20.63, for Berlin is 20.62 necessary. Brothers Jonathan and Dylan Borlée ran into the same guy set to 21.14.

Philip Milanov, who is already in place for Berlin, came to 63m74 in the discus throw. Pole vault jumper Ben Brothers, also already placed for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, had to settle with 5m50.

Renée Eykens and Elise Vanderelst qualify for european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin in the 1,500 meters

Renée Eykens and Elise Vanderelst have Saturday at the International Flanders Athletics Meeting (IFAM) in Oordegem placed for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in Berlin in the 1,500 meters. Eykens, who also went for the 800m was placed, klokte 4:11.33. Vanderelst (20) went even faster and came to 4:09.31.

Eykens took out all the semi-finals at both the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Amsterdam in 2016 when the Olympics in Rio. For Vanderelst is the first major tournament. She was in the past already clever fourth at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS for juniors (U20).

Eline Berings went again under the 13 seconds in the 100 meter hurdles. She ran 12.96, last week it was 12.93. Her personal record stands at 12.87. Ghent is already placed for the CHAMPIONSHIP. In the 400 meter hurdles ran Hanne Claes to 56.76, while there 56.68 necessary for Berlin. Camille Laus, a workout partner of Claes, and the friend of Kévin Borlée ran a nice 400 meters in 52.32. For the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, she has 52.22 necessary.

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