Facebook is unhappy with the trailer with Redbad

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Facebook, the creators of the new Dutch film Redbad asked the trailer of the film to remove. Also, refusing the company the promotional video of the historic epic, that at the end of June will be premiered, to the attention of users. The trailer of Redbad, according to Facebook offensive to large groups of the population, reported the internet service in a letter to the makers of the film.

Director Roel Reine and starring Martijn Fischer, Egbert Jan Weeber, Derek de Lint, Loes Haverkort, Teun Kuilboer, Tibo Vandenborre, Daphne Wellens, Britte Lagcher, Gijs Naber and Lisa Smith during the castpresentatie of the Dutch film Redbad.

The film is about the Frisian hero Radboud (Gijs Naber), which in the early middle ages, with the help of the Vikings, the battle is carried out against the christians, who their faith with a firm hand upon the low countries. The resistance against the forced conversion to christianity is an important theme in the film. “From our Dutch perspective, it is the opposition to christianity is not a big issue,” says producer Klaas de Jong on Saturday. “But in the rest of the world is that, apparently, still a huge thing. I noticed from my seat: it is bizarre that Americans now want to determine what for most people is offensive.”

The creators have a lot of research done to the Frisian hero Redbad to make a film that the history does right. “But we have apparently a sensitive chord had been touched,” says De Jong. “Before anyone even one scene has seen, we have hundreds of angry e-mails and letters that we the history have outraged.”

The Young let me know the trailer of Redbad not to modify or delete. Previously the rights had been sold to the USA and various countries in the Middle East. Director Roel Reiné, who for the past ten years, especially in Hollywood worked, turned the historical epic this fall in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

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