Entrepreneur Richard Branson trains to be an astronaut

58cb3be72f5fc54ee84f4d7b581b001e - Entrepreneur Richard Branson trains to be an astronaut

Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of the Virgin Group, is currently in training to be a space to take.

It is intended that he is on the short-term are already working is going to be an astronaut, says the 67-year-old Branson in conversation with BBC Radio.

“It will still take a few months. I’m busy with training, so my body in space can.”

The entrepreneur wants to be as fit as possible when he’s in his space trip begins. “I play tennis every morning and evening two times. Also, kite and bike I – everything to make me as fit as possible. To really enjoy the experience, you can get the best but be as fit as possible.”

Also does Branson to centrifugetraining, where the conditions in a rocket are simulated, so that he gets used to what the human body is exposed during the space trip.

The company of Branson is since 2004 engaged in the development of commercial spaceflight. At the beginning of this year, Virgin Galactic and the first test flight of a spacecraft made.


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