Egypt does YouTube month ban

09cd19dc6452bbb888d8f39fc16e92d2 - Egypt does YouTube month ban

CAIRO – Egypt has in an action video website YouTube for a month ban because of a movie to see was that muslims find offensive. The Egyptian telecomautoriteiten need to make sure that YouTube is blocked.

It comes to the film Innocence or Muslims in the United States is made, and which had been a lot of fuss has caused in muslim countries. In the film, the prophet Mohammed depicted as an idiot with a sexual deviation. For muslims, that is blasphemy.

A lower court had in 2013 already to the blocking of YouTube for a month ordered. The Egyptian telecomautoriteiten were against that ruling in an appeal. They let us know that if YouTube is blocked would be this would lead to the disruption of the search engine of YouTube-owner Google. According to the telecomautoriteiten would that be bad for the economy.

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