Don Diablo makes song for Avicii

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More than a month ago took the world goodbye by Avicii. Various dj’s were silent at the time of death and the conversation about the pressures on artists, came going. Don Diablo, who is also with stress and a busy agenda faces brings, therefore, now a song in honour of the late dj.

Don Diablo

Don Diablo came on the idea to Wake me when it’s quiet to produce when he was a demo sent received from the Swedish singer Hilda. They wrote the song the day after the death of Avicii. “As soon as I heard it, I was touched. The best way to as an artist with your emotions to go is with music, so I immediately approached to a fully number of to make,” writes Diablo release on YouTube.


“I have made myself the following day in the studio locked up and I was determined something magical, something that I the message in the right way could communicate. I think sincerely that this song needs to be heard. There are a lot of people who suffer from mental problems and for that, we must never close our eyes.”

Diablo wants to own nothing, earn to the plate. The yield of Wake me when it’s quiet will donate the dj to different foundations that work for people with mental health problems.

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