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Curaizon want to revolutionize Big Data in the pharmaceutical industry

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The cost of some urgently needed medicines are often a major Problem for the national health services, which are sometimes reluctant to pay the high prices that are charged to you. This means that some critically ill patients will be treated with less effective drugs, the disease is not adequately treated, and many cause side effects – it is logical to assume, that this may lead to increased non-adherence.

From the point of view of a pharmaceutical company, the high drug is based prices on investment in research and development (R & d) to develop new, more effective treatments for various diseases.

According to a recent report from the Tufts Centre for the Study of Drug Development the cost of developing a prescription drug to get approval from the authorities sure can achieve an estimated 2.6 billion USD.

A reason for such an enormously high costs for the development of new drugs and the currently observed low adherence to the dosing instructions of the medication by the patient, as well as the associated lack of data to clarify the reasons.

In fact, many Pharma companies have seen their profits fall. Recent reports expect annual revenues of more than 630 billion US dollars is lost due to disregard of the directions of the patient, and the amount increases each year by 13 percent.

The distortion of information often affects the reliability of the research about the effects of drugs, is the long and exhaustive test procedures. Another sticking point is the limited access to relevant patient data for the development of new medicines, with factors such as data protection, competition and non-standardized data.

Curaizon, a pioneer in the medical Adherence technologies, uses its Blockchain-based technologies to the standardized, reliable, and real-time to provide Big Data, the pharmaceutical companies, medical researchers and health care providers need.

According to a recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute, the standardization of data analysis could reduce the costs of health care by 30%. So far, the pharmaceuticals have to endure company high R & d expenditure, which was affected by the lack of sufficient data due to limited drug trials and by problems of the quality of the present data due to the different research methods used in the studies.

In addition, the competition between different companies has hindered the research efforts, while access to certain data may be blocked either by healthcare providers or legislation.

With effect from the 25. May 2018, the Europe-wide data protection regulation that all EU citizens know what data is stored about you and the deletion of the data request. Compliance with the rules is causing Chaos in the national health services and verurascht access issues for pharmaceutical companies and medical researchers.

Here Curaizon comes into play. His CuraData solution combines its data to the patient adherence with machine learning and AI technologies to develop unique, standardized, and anonymized data records, the medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies can easily make use of. With its data analysis Tools Curaizon wants to improve the quality and availability of real-time information.

Curaizons platform will generate records for compliance with the data on the basis of anonymised Big Data. To do this, technologies for the End-to-End data integration, the cooperation between the different actors of the health system, as well as prediction models used for the efficiency of various drugs to improve the efficiency of clinical trials. The adherence technology will also help to improve the understanding of the effectiveness of drugs, with an estimated adherence of only 50% hard.

The adherence to the company’s technology was created to increase compliance with medication regulations, to reduce waste and to facilitate the research for new, more effective drugs.

The Curaizon Ecosystem ™consists of three key components: CuraServe ™, CuraView ™ and CuraData.

CuraServe is patient, unobtrusive reminders, so that you are taking medication in a timely manner, while CuraView will be integrated into national health systems. With these technologies, Curaizon recorded every day an average of four data points for each patient. Unique demographic data and data on patient adherence will be gathered about CuraServe, anonymized and in CuraData, stored and analyzed. The data were collected from Curaizons real-time adherence-technologies, can be merged with patient data from health service providers together to create better and more detailed records to support the medical research and development.

With the use of the Blockchain, the security, transparency and immutability of medical records can be ensured, since access by the relevant rules and storage is restricted to points on the Blockchain.

Since both patients and health services benefit the Curaizon technologies, it offers possibilities for the improvement of the functionality and benefits of Compliance data. In turn, data scientists, scientists and researchers from pharmaceutical companies can overlay their own data within CuraData to generate unique insights, and the Ecosystems continue to develop.

This indirect collaboration and the joint exchange of information from all parties will help to reduce the cost of medical research. For example, the researchers will understand valuable insights about the shortcomings of existing treatments from the patient’s feedback and real-time information about the non-compliance and possible complications that may be associated with a particular drug or form of treatment.

By providing relevant real-time data Curaizon pharmaceutical companies will help to reduce their research and development costs and to bring better-quality drugs faster and more efficiently on the market. This in turn will reduce the of patients and health service providers, prices paid.

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