Cat Kerkhofs open own fitnesszaak

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Friday opened Katrin, say Cat Kerkhofs the fitnesszaak ‘Core’ in a revamped warehouse in Wilsele near Leuven. VTM News was present at the opening and saw a proud owner. Cat told that there is always someone present is that the people personal guides. Self’s Cat for a long time already a personal trainer and she notices that they look very what has been achieved. Yet they call themselves not hypersportief. Her case is thus completely tailor-made for people who personally want to guide for sports. Training at Cat may go alone or in group. A monthly subscription will cost 99 euros. And Dries Mertens? He was on the opening present, but did not want interviews to give the full attention to his wife to let go. Allegedly the footballer, there’s not going to work out, but as a player of Napoli and the Red Devils, he trains enough said Katrin Kerkhofs with a touch.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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