Bale shoot Real to Champions League hattrick

c754414fb861151c3f3c4a396e78fea4 - Bale shoot Real to Champions League hattrick

Real Madrid in Saturday for the third year in a row, the Champions League won. In Kiev earlier, the team of Zinedine Zidane 3-1 with the Liverpool of the Dutchmen Virgil van Dijk and Georginio Wijnaldum.

Gareth Bale cries out after his rake ado.

The treble of The Royal is unique. The People of madrid were last year, the first title managed to continue. In total, Real are now thirteen times as the best club of Europe crowned.

Gareth Bale was the big man in Kiev. After matches of the Real Madrid striker attacker Karim Benzema and vleugelflitser Sadio Mané of Liverpool was the finale for the Dutch boss. With a beautiful bicycle kick and a flaming shot, he helped Real to profit. Liverpool-goalkeeper Loris Karius, however, had also a great share in the victory of Real. In both the 1-0 as the 3-1 he went huge in the error.

Liverpool had Van Dijk and Wijnaldum as expected a rise. The two Dutchmen are arguably under coach Jürgen Klopp. Real was Ronaldo of course in the basis. The Portuguese was there with fifteen goals largely responsible for the recordkampioen for the fourth time in five years in the final of the miljardenbal was.

Liverpool had in the initial phase is clearly the better of the game. The many possession of the ball also provided some kansjes on, including a screening of Wijnaldum. The deployment of the midfielder, however, was chequered.

Real was after fifteen minutes of play for the first time really dangerous. Ronaldo cut in from the right to the inside and took the purpose of Karius from a tricky angle under fire, but the cannonball of the attacker flew over.

Roberto Firmino had in the 22nd minute of the opening goal on his shoe, but a shot from the turn of the Brazilian was blocked. The rebound, a fiery shot from right back Trent Alexander-Arnold ended up in the hands of goalkeeper Keylor Navas.

In the 25th minute were the hearts of the Liverpool fans quiet for a moment, after Mohamed Salah was knocked out by a judoworp of Sergio Ramos. The star player of the English nation eventually had to do actually with a shoulder injury to the side. The Egyptian was made this season the absolute luminary in The Reds. In 51 matches he came up 44 goals.

Three minutes later, it seemed the drama for the British. A hit of Karim Benzema, however, was disapproved because of offside from Ronaldo and so were both teams with a 0-0 stand the rest.

Shortly after peace was Real was eventually allowed to lead. On a curious manner. Karius tried to get the ball into the feet of a teammate to throw to, but forgot for a moment that Benzema right in front of him was. The Frenchman had only his leg sticking out to score: 1-0.

Really long could the team of Zidane not enjoy the advantage. Four minutes after the opening goal was the 1-1 on the scoreboard. Mané could simple within tapping after a header from Firmino.

Also the 1-1, however, remained not long stand. Bale put Real in the 64th minute, three minutes after subbing in, with a wonderful bicycle kick, again on lead. With a hard shot from far away in the 83rd minute, that total was incorrectly assessed by the again blundered Karius, made the lefty for the decision: 3-1.

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