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Ark: All-in-one Blockchain platform of the future with great potential?

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Bitcoin brought us the Blockchain and made them available to the masses, Ethereum brought us the Smart Contracts – which brings us to the Ark? Ark is not just another cryptocurrency, but a user-friendly platform for the merging of different block chains in order to benefit from the advantages of each technology.

Who buys ARK – Coins, crypto-currency is the Plattfprm, is part of the Ark’s Ecosystem. The Ecosystem as a multi-functional platform provides users, developers, and Startups of innovative Blockchain technologies.

To the extent that the Name shows Ark – ark – a picture of what is wanted from the development Team: The creation of a platform, the crypto-technologies, any kind of compact together leads to application-oriented and user-friendly as a service to.

Thus, a virtual spider web of endless application to create opportunities, the Ark, is highly flexible, adaptable, and scalable. ARK is intended to be used by the masses and offers services that consumers want and developers need.

This is the Ark Team active market research to find Features that can also hold in the future, the challenges of the market. Through the use of the Ark-platform for any normal user should be able to create a scalable Blockchain in the shortest amount of time. The short Video introduces the Ark-platform with all the Features shortly.

The consensus finding of the Ark uses Delegated Proof of Stake – a modified Proof of Stake. The advantage of this algorithm is in a fast, efficient, decentralised and flexible Consensus-building.

Coin holders can make a vote system in a basic democratic process, decisions about the future. Total Miner need 8 seconds to find a Block. Ark reserves the right to adjust the future scaling flexibility.

Objectives and functions of the Ark

Ark has the objective of developing an Ecosystem, which integrates the best Blockchain-technologies in the own Ecosystem and this technology suitable for everyday use to anyone. To the group of users not only customers, but developers and Startups, which are able to access innovative Blockchain-technologies. The Ecosystem to veknüpfen block chains to one another, in order to create a Blockchain-network for any number of use cases.

The the platform is achieved through the use of so-called Smart Bridges. With the help of the Smart Bridges block chains can be connected to each other and communicate. Each on the Blockchain App we produced has the potential for a larger audience, and even the Bitcoin can gain the functionality of Altcoins by Ark.

The Smart-Bridges to communicate between Blockchains by using a special data section, the so-called Vendor Fields, and special Encoded Listener node, so that providers and users can connect in person. This is only a tiny Code will be inserted into the core code of a Blockchain and the block chains are connected to each other.

These associated block chains do not influence the original Blockchain, but are more likely to be seen as an extension to. The main objective of these extensions are an improved functionality for the average user. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Liskblockchain are already compatible with Ark.

The development of Ark depends greatly on how the Ecosystem develops and the users of other block-chains will be accepted. Nevertheless, Weis is Ark as a very complex future project. The fact that new use cases will be tested and adjustments to be made, this could be a project that we will hear more often in future.

According to CoinMarketCap space 62 adopts ARK currently on the crypto-market with more than 252 million USD market capitalization (as of 24.05.2018). On this day, Coins to the value of 1.6 million USD were traded. There are 134.006.494 billion Coins, of which up to now 102.756.494 billion are in circulation. The price, for the ARK is by 24.05.2018 2,46 USD.

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