Anthony Hopkins is not afraid to die

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Anthony Hopkins doesn’t understand why people are afraid of death. The 80-year-old actor finds it very frustrating that everybody that subject, avoid while all of them a time comes.

Anthony Hopkins

“I said it even against children: take yourself never to seriously. We all have a time of death,” says Hopkins in an interview with Radio Times. The actor is itself also not afraid to death to go: “No, certainly not. I also have no choice. What is the use to be afraid of, if it just happens.”

“It’s also all in the words that we all have figured out”, Anthony continues. “‘He is gone’. What do you mean by this? He is dead! There is no nice way to put it. If you’m dead, you only have a lot of meat and you start very quickly to rot.”

The actor has yet to the fullest: “I think that when you are over 70, you just feel good. You know that you don’t have a lot of time, so you make the best of it.”

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