Agent the pot for the ’poepfoto’ president

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Asjchabad – Local police officer in Turkmenistan, search of toilets in people’s homes, to search for citizens that newspapers with the portrait of president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the buttocks to wipe off.

Newspapers without the image of president Berdimuhamedov are hard to find.

That reports the BBC on the authority of sources that is generally well introduced in Turkmenistan. The agents arrive at people’s homes, search public restrooms and rummaging around in garbage dumps.

“There is a special concierge on each landfill, with the task of garbage to inspect, and to search for dirty newspaper photos. Then must the house of the krantenabonnee be looked up and passed to the police”, report local media.

Toilet paper is ’superfluous’

According to the US-funded media in children previously locked up because they are newspapers with the portrait of Berdimuhamedov had spotted. Others awaited the same fate because they have a moustache on the leader had signed.

According to regional media people, however, ’just’ a warning. Understanding the new measures, there is hardly: many Turkmen walk no toilet paper, and newspapers without the image of Berdimuhamedov are hard to find, writes the BBC.

“Why should we toilet paper to buy as we are huge stacks of newspapers, where people in Turkmenistan are obliged to subscribe to?”, thus, it describes someone on the internet.

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