Zidane: ‘Ronaldo is not at 150, but 140 percent’

db2e14382fbea2e9c7d0161339ec3076 - Zidane: 'Ronaldo is not at 150, but 140 percent'

Trainer Zinedine Zidane of Real Madrid for the final of the Champions League a few difficult choices to make. Especially on the midfield and the front has the French trainer.

Zinedine Zidane

So the question is whether the Spanish rasvoetballers Isco and Marco Asensio a move. And what about Gareth Bale, the attacker from Wales in recent months in the Champions League was often found to verbijten on the bank, but the past few weeks in the Spanish league proved to be in shape.

“The hardest thing for a trainer is the choice of your team, especially for a final,” said Zidane in Kiev, where he Saturday with Real Madrid for the third year in a row, the Champions League can win it. “Some players who are, will not even sit on the couch. Others pick up the clash, but do not come from the bank. That is difficult, but it is part of my job. It is my job to make those choices.”

Although the team of Zidane, the experience of the previous finals bring, it means that according to the Frenchman, not that the ‘Royal’ favorite. “We are not favorite and they are also not. Finals are always fiftyfifty.”

Cristiano Ronaldo appears according to Zidane fighting fit at the kick-off, although the Portuguese a few weeks on the side-has been with an ankle injury. The Portuguese listened last week his comeback with a goal against Villarreal (2-2). “Cristiano lives for such races. He is completely in order. Cristiano is maybe not 150 percent, but does on 140 and that is certainly not bad,” said Zidane with a wink.

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