YouTuber TotalBiscuit (33) died

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YouTuber John Bain on Thursday at the age of 33 have died. The vlogger, better known as TotalBiscuit and the Cynical Brit, died of cancer. That is published via its twitter account.

TotalBiscuit was in 2010, famous with its gamerecensies, his YouTube channel was by 2.2 million people followed. Four years ago, Bain learned that he had colon cancer, reports the BBC. A treatment seemed successful, but the disease returned and spread to his liver and spine. A small month ago Bain a long message on Reddit, in which he did not long to have more.

His wife Genna liked TotalBiscuits fans the last few days at the height. After his death became known, she placed a long poem on Twitter in memory of her husband. In addition to Genna let the YouTuber a son behind.

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