’Why Weinstein this book took at the time of his arrest’

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When Weinstein was arrested after he himself had identified, he wore a pair of remarkable books, reports The Guardian.

Harvey Weinstein

Two of the three books were biographies, of which the newspaper is trying to guess what they mean. The book Something Wonderful is a recently published biography of Rodgers and Hammerstein, the duo that put together great successes booked with theater music and include the music from the musical The Sound of Music composed. Might want to Weinstein himself recognized in the sense that Rodgers and Hammerstein had for the cultural landscape, suspect The Guardian.

The second book is a biography about Elia Kazan, a alomgeprezen film director in Hollywood, until he stand before an American commission in the early 50’s several colleagues betrayed with communist sympathies. They had never foothold in the film industry. Himself won in Kazan shortly after an Oscar for the script of his film On the Waterfront, a film of which it is said that his own actions thus stated and defended. Also, he won in Cannes, in htetzelfde year, 1955, a film prize for best feature film. Years later, in 1999, a honorary Oscar for his entire career. Three-quarters of the public is refused at the time to a standing ovation and there were 250 protesters to the event.

Especially this second book arouses public indignation. Perhaps because Kazan in a biography in 2005 also portrayed as a man who constantly is women to decorate. He was married three times, had affairs with female actresses and hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe. He was taken by the British actress Carol Drinkwater is accused of sexual assault during an audition; she was 20 and he was 60. He would put her on the sofa pushed to have her undressed and tried to have her rape.

Despite all of these personal and political scandals, continued his film career intact. And that is where Weinstein boldly hold on, apparently without any awareness of the current time in which movements like #MeToo and Time’s Up strongly resonate.

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