What is at stake in the Irish referendum?

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Ireland is the last EU country that abortion in all situations prohibits. Today decides the people in a referendum or that will change.

The Irish constitution prohibits since 1983 abortion, when an amendment was added stating that the life of the mother and the fetus are equivalent from the moment of conception. In 2017 wanted a commission of citizens to amend the constitution, but that can only happen via a referendum. The Irish must today speak about the abolition of the eighth amendment of the constitution.

If the Irish are to amend the constitution, the parliament, the possibility of a new legislation that abortion (under certain conditions) until the twelfth week of pregnancy, and exceptionally even later.


The issue provides for a large gap in the population itself. Anna (18) and Victoria (16), two girls from Northern Ireland (where the ban even after this referendum up will continue to find it immensely reassuring on territory where no babies are killed.” The two are afraid of abortion: according to them would lead to cancer, depression and more rapes – ‘because men should not be afraid of maintenance’.

Others are radical for the abolition of the amendment. ‘How dare you women to say what they should do with their life? This country has a tradition of people with their problems abroad. That must stop!’, says a protester in the streets of Ireland.

Politically explosive

The theme is very politically explosive. The two largest political parties in Ireland, Fine Gael (liberal democratic, and christian) and Fianna Fáil (centrumrechts) take no official stance and allow their members the freedom to choose. Sinn Féin (nationalist left-wing party) and Labour (sociaaldemocratisch) are for the abolition of the amendment, and thus for the legalization of abortion.

The Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar (Fine Gael) calls in advance for an abolition of the amendment. “We know that every year thousands of Irish women have abortions abroad. We know that many women abortuspillen by post to their pregnancy to terminate. We have abortions in Ireland, but which are unsafe, unregulated and illegal’, according to the premier.

The voting began Friday at 7 a.m. and ends at 10 pm. The first exit polls will be Friday night late, and the full results will be Saturday afternoon, expected.

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