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Watch ‘Amber hands’, the ‘tongzoenclip’ of Rock Rally-finalist Lagüna

Keep it simple, stupid, says a well-known stijladagium. That is often abbreviated as KISS, and went much further Laguna don’t look for it.

The postpunkband who took silver at the most recent Humo’s Rock Rally showed the clip of debut single ‘Amber hands’ is a torque, the 3.5-minute-long tongue kissing: the result winks to well-known predecessors, such as Disclosures of the ‘You and me’ and looks so intimate that it almost becomes uncomfortable.

“Our bassist Naomi had that idea during a brainstorm for the joke launched, because the issue is also about desire,” says Laguna-singer Niels Elsermans. “With my girlfriend do I saw not, but I knew there was the perfect couple for: Axelle and Brent are friends which I have already several times had determined that they are pretty tasty, could mules or unappetizing, depending on how you look at it.’

The couple was immediately excited, says Elsermans, and that there is on to note: 3.5 minutes long, they relieve each other’s face for a second, while the Laguna band members in the background pancartes with the lyrics of the song show. “We have each other a little eaten’, Brent Pauwels. ‘And then you should know that we are there seven takes for needed, because the clip in one shot had to be included. A kaakkramp we have not received, but after four takes, we sat with a dry mouth. Not that it’s unpleasant, of course: we had rested a half hour can continue.’

Lagüna occurs the next time in Edegem (Sound of Science, 27/5), Opwijk (Nosta, 7/6) and Diksmuide (4AD, 30/7).

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