Verbeek: ‘Wijnaldum is wars of vedettegedrag’

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Gertjan Verbeek, a former coach of Georginio Wijnaldum at Feyenoord, has praised his former pupil. “He is a studious boy, he slurps information.”

Georginio Wijnaldum

Top player in future

Verbeek: “Erwin Koeman had Georginio already on his sixteenth show debut in Feyenoord 1. Under my leadership in 2008/’09, he had been a supporting player and that he – having regard to the level of when – in a very good way. The manner in which he has all the information that he was processed to his learning ability had noticed that he as a young boy, very far. And that he is in the top could come if the right choices would make. His personal investment, the imperturbably his own thing to do and continue to believe in itself, have him go to the Champions-Leaguefinale.”

The clubman

“The style of play of Liverpool and the course of Jurgen Klopp Wijnaldum written on your body. Therefore, he has at Liverpool also has a greater role than in the Dutch national team. In Orange is just not, it’s a bit blasé and weak.”

Gertjan Verbeek and Georginio Wijnaldum in their common period at Feyenoord.

The man

“He is a very gentle, sweet, kind, cheerful boy, quite happy in life. And Georginio has a lot of perseverance, because he does have setbacks. But there he is very well handled. He wants a different thing. So he is good for his family. I’ve only got seven months, worked with him, but think that I for a boy of that age, however, important. You do not long to know: there is a click or not. That I had when Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Bas Dost also very bad.”

The prof

“Georginio make any weird statements, and also no stupid things. He lives for the sport. Otherwise you can not so many matches to play and never are injured. He picks up on time to rest, takes care of herself tiptop. Georginio is always the press is a neat word, has all the time for handtekeningenjagers, so he knows how it works. He is averse to vedettegedrag.”


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