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Vandoorne after the eighth time in Monaco: “There is still more to come”

4e2d4e20e9ee071a1ae162861ea63cb0 - Vandoorne after the eighth time in Monaco: "There is still more to come"

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne was made during the first two practice sessions for the GP of Monaco every time faster than team-mate Fernando Alonso. With a eighth time did Vandoorne during the second training session is more than decent, he will realize also that it is against the qualifications on Saturday even faster.

“It was honestly a pretty tricky Thursday,” begins Vandoorne are looking back at the first two practice sessions in Monaco. “The sessions were not as smooth as we had hoped for. The first class was difficult but during the second training session we have a step forward. Everything fell in its fold but I think we are for Saturday yet a step so that we are in a better position for qualifying.”

On the track, it is especially during the first sessions primarily seek to grip. You have grip and confidence in your car, then get the faster lap times almost automatically, that you recognize, Vandoorne.

“It’s all about here in Monaco around trust. The car sent is not as smooth and was a bit unpredictable today,” said Vandoorne yesterday. “We encountered some difficulties. Eventually, we managed to see some good lap times to put down.”

Against the qualification will all have to be set to make the car even better and faster to make. Both the team and the rider be pushed to the extreme.

“The times are very close to each other. Everything you need out of your car trying to get because otherwise you may already during the first part of the qualification is killed. It is up to us to ensure that we have a perfect performance.”

“Fortunately, I have the idea that there is still more to come,” said Vandoorne who is convinced that the on Saturday, so even faster.

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