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The creator of Pingu died

5c02f46be85dad9264058bd70cec1d6b - The creator of Pingu died

The illustrator Antonio Lupatelli, better known under the pseudonym of Tony Wolf, age 88, died, report Italian media. Lupatelli is the spiritual father of the popular character Pingu.

Lupatelli died already on may 18 in the Italian town of Cremona. Although Lupatelli throughout his career to many projects worked, as he illustrated also fairy tales and tarot cards, is mainly Pingu known to the general public.

The Italian came up with the figure already in the eighties, but the popular stop-motion children’s television series with the penguin in the lead role ran eventually until 2006 – and even won a BAFTA, the most important British film award. In total, there were 155 episodes of made.

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