Sparta gives rebel fans to impose

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Sparta has a first pair of supporters that after the degradation the field entered a impose.

Angry Sparta-fans on the field after the degradation.

“We have the past few days a lot of camera images viewed, and as a result, there are already two supporters identified”, explained managing director Manfred Laros Friday morning compared to RTV Rijnmond.

“They have a impose imposed for a period of five years. There were several fans on the field, but also a large number who sought to other supporters of the field.” Sparta were relegated on Sunday from the Premier league after a 3-1 defeat on their own field against FC Emmen.

“That there are supporters of the field, come along to ‘our players in conversation to go’, to accept that we are not”, said Laros. “If there is through the images even more supporters can be identified, then they too will be one to impose.”

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