Salmonellaschandaal Flemish schools is expanding

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BRUSSELS – at Least ninety pupils in west and east Flanders have a salmonella infection suffered and therefore become ill. According to the Agency for Care and Health are already at least thirty schools affected by the salmonellabesmetting.

The Federal Fasfc FASFC has as a precaution, the company that up to 120 schools meals delivers closed. Thursday were at least fourteen school students to the hospital. The probability that the number of infections is still rising.

It is not certain whether the company responsible for the contamination. FAVV has in the supplier, as yet no cause found. There are samples taken in a laboratory to be examined. Next week there will be new tests and the agency will decide whether the caterer can open.

The symptoms of a salmonellabesmetting are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Sometimes fever may occur. At uitdrogingsverschijnselen can a hospitalization be necessary.

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