Rossana Kluivert thanks for support after operation

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Rossana Kluivert has from the bottom of heart thank you for all the love and strength which she received after her surgery. The wife of ex-footballer Patrick Kluivert was in Barcelona under the knife after last week’s breast cancer when she was diagnosed.

Rossana Kluivert and Patrick Kluivert

“So much love incredibly a lot of (un)known people who have so much compassion I had not thought possible and has moved me”, wrote Rossana Friday on Instagram with a photo from the hospital. “My view in the hospital is the most beautiful thing that I can imagine; 24/7 my kids, husband, parents and brother. What does a man want more. Operation was a success and now on to the next challenges.”

Rossana showed Wednesday, know that they are successful the surgery was. “Thank you dear followers for all your support for our family at this time”, she wrote then. The 45-year-old stylist was five years ago, the lymphoma was discovered. They healed after a long and arduous chemotherapy.

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