Ronan Farrow: story brother is hate

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Ronan Farrow is doing the story that his brother Moses Wednesday published a hate campaign directed at their mother, Mia Farrow. Moses took it in a blog post for their father Woody Allen, who by the sister of Ronan and Moses, Dylan Farrow, accused of abuse.

Ronan Farrow and his mother Mia Farrow

According to Moses, it was Mia that him and his brothers and sisters verbally and physically abused, and against his father has set up. He claimed in his speech that his mother Woody had advocates against within the family, that no one Dylan ever would have left with her father.

“It is not worth to say much about the repeated campaign to see my sister in a bad light, usually by my mother to attack,” said Ronan, in a statement he made Thursday via social media spread. “My mother has us extremely well-behaved, and none of my brothers and sisters with whom I have spoken has ever been anything other than love and care of a single mother who went through hell to get her children to keep safe.”

Ronan, Moses and Dylan are the only three of Mia’s fourteen children, of whom Woody Allen is the father. Their half-sister Soon-Yi, from a previous relationship of Mia, since 1997 has been married to Woody. Two other half-sisters and a half brother of the three are now deceased.

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