Pink supports legalizing abortion in Ireland

13862b3168ffc137982be8f721249835 - Pink supports legalizing abortion in Ireland

Under the motto of “the 8th” and ” together for yes’ supporting singer Pink via Instagram the legalisation of abortion in Ireland.


Irish fans react extremely enthusiastic. “Fantastic that you of Cancellation the 8th have heard!”. “The 8th is the movement that is in favour of the abolition of the 8th amendment of the Irish constitution, the unborn child the same rights to life assures as the mother. If that is voted down, the initiator prime minister Leo Varadkar abortion up to three months from the pregnancy legalizing.

The support of Pink makes quite a stir among her Irish followers, which has nearly 5,000 a comment left on her post. “Thank you Pink, this means so much to us”, writes a number. “Thank you that you are such a strong woman and other women strong”, responds another. In the power of the about rock singer show others an example. “You’re a role model for women everywhere. Hope to see you next year in Ireland”.

And although several opponents the opportunity for an argument against abortion, are the most comments cheering and moved. From: “I loved all of you, and now adore I, absolutely’ to ’It brings me to tears, so emotional…’.

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