Patty Brard does take The Perfect Picture

21b7daecb91fdf518b47c788e631500b - Patty Brard does take The Perfect Picture

Patty Brard, Herman den Blijker and Jim Bakkum will work the next time on their fotografiekunsten. The threesome takes part in the third season of The perfect picture, made photographer and judge William Rutten Friday known.

Patty Brard

“These are the first 3 candidates of The perfect shot season 3! Patty Brard, Jim Bakkum and Herman den Blijker! Who will the others think of you???”, wrote to William on Instagram with a photo showing the red boxes of the program. Three boxes are names, for which well-known participants in the other five instances, remains a secret for now.

In The perfect picture try celebrities every week the most beautiful photos. Those who do not succeed, it falls off. The first season of the RTL 4 program was won by Humberto Tan, last year was Estelle Cruijff as the winner out of the bus.

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