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New Monero Malware “Kitty” infected thousands of Drupal servers

9293ebe779960d6c8a285b4129cebd4a - New Monero Malware "Kitty" infected thousands of Drupal servers

Monero seems to einzuschleußen among hackers very popular be a to Malwares and to make then “invisible” with the help of the power of the infected Hardware. Currently, a new Malware called “cryptowall kitty”, the Drupal Server is infected.

The researchers all around the enterprise-Help Net Security have discovered a new Malware, the sightings according to the previous Observation posh namely Drupal Server is infected. The Name “crypto kitties” was chosen by the researchers because the Malware is delivered to a folder with the name “Kitty”.

According to the remarks made by Help Net Security, continues to run the Malware, even if Drupal has been completely removed from the Server (freely translated):

As soon as the Kitty-Bash was executed script will be written to a PHP file called kdrupal.php on the infected Server CD-ROM. In this way, the attacker is strengthening its Position on the infected Server, and guarantees the dominance of a back door, which is independent of the Drupal vulnerability.

The use of script blocks all the functions and ensures that nobody can access it.

Furthermore, a mechanism in the script is included which ensures that the Server remains infected (freely translated):

The script authenticates the attacker first ensures that no one can access its functions. Then it registers a scheduled service that invites repeated a script to download and install, to ensure that the Server remains infected.

In addition to the mere Acquisition of control of the server, the Hacker wants to earn money by placing a script with the name “me0w.js” that the performance of the infected CPU’s to mine Monero and send it to the Wallet of the hacker.

The Hacker has left in the Code a message which says, freely translated: “do not Delete me please, I’m a harmless cute little kitten”.

The Malware used in Monero address was also in attacks in early April 2018 on the web server with the CMS, vBulletin 4.2.x discovered. At this time, the Malware with the Version 1.5 and characterized. The new Malware has been updated according to Help Security Net to Version 1.6, so it must be assumed that the Hacker fixes a software product developed in the old errors and new features are added at regular intervals.

Malwares an unpleasant but ever-present fact in the crypto scene, with which we are likely to remain confronted.

The price of the Cryptocurrency Monero moves under its sideways and was able to within the last 24 hours with a price increase of 1,49% . The price of Monero is at the time of writing in 141,92 euros and a market capitalization of EUR 2.28 billion and assigned currencies in order to position 13 of the largest Crypto. The prices of other crypto currencies you can look at our course overview.

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