Netflix follows Max Verstappen during Grand Prix

963b69b451cedbba85cfc16521091323 - Netflix follows Max Verstappen during Grand Prix

During the Monaco Grand Prix, Sunday, will Netflix the Dutch racing car driver Max Verstappen to follow. The streaming service is working on a ten-part documentary series about Formula 1.

It was already known that the filming for the documentary this year. Netflix Nederland, now know that the cameras during the Grand Prix of Monaco “specifically focused on Red Bull and Max Verstappen in particular”.

The 20-year-old driver lives in Monaco. In addition, the Energy Station, Red Bull is a concept in the microstate. It is a place where people come to party in the weekend.

The Oscar-winner James Gay Rees, known from the documentary ‘Senna’, about the life of F1 driver Ayrton Senna, is one of the producers.

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