NEC preys on The Vulture

36ddd3e4890a0608b06765a41072de60 - NEC preys on The Vulture

Jack the Vulture should be the new coach of NEC. The club recently Pippin line managers after half a season again aside and pushed back, we in the ex-player, who this season a success as a trainer of Almere City.

Jack the Vulture seems to be on the way to The Goffert.

The Vulture grip with the club in oregon is slightly in addition to promotion to the Eredivsie. The Vulture was last summer and last winter already been approached by NEC to become a coach, but if not then away from his employer Almere City.

NEC chose then in the first instance for Adri Bogers as a trainer, but decided halfway through the season to grab and line managers to Nijmegen to pick up. That surgery took disastrous. NEC handle in addition to promotion and now has his hopes set on The Vulture, which the club next season back to the Premier league.

The Vulture has a rich history in Nijmegen, where he is three seasons was active as a player and a host of other functions performed, such as scout, assistant coach and youth coach.

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