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Nebulas: The new decentralised Google of the block chain industry?

f7b81f2aeaadf1cb4d5d07bab2806a84 - Nebulas: The new decentralised Google of the block chain industry?

Nebulas is an incentive-based, without Forking self-developing Blockchain-assessment mechanism on a decentralised platform that offers a search engine for all the block chains.

Nebulas, with its Blockchain technology three challenges: the establishment of a diameter for applications on the Blockchain, the ability to develop themselves and to integrate progress on the Blockchain, as well as to create a healthy long-term Ecosystem for all participants within the Blockchain Ecosystem.

While Google for the Internet-search for Information is ready, is focused Nebulas on the search between decentralized applications (DApps), Smart Contracts and Blockchain Assets of the users.

The Nebulas-Token (NAS) launched a Token as ERC20-but is now on it’s own Nebulas-Blockchain.

The NAS is used as a memory unit within the platform, serves as an incentive for users and developers, finds application in the DApps and can be used for the development of Smart Contracts.

The consensus determination of the Proof-of-Devotion (PoD) is used. Users will be rewarded with NAS for their speed, irreversibility, and Fairness.

The Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP) provides a Feedback loop for developers to create distributed applications of high quality. Also here is a reward with NAS beckons.

Not only developers, decentralised Apps (DApps) in the Nebulas Blockchain to create, to be handsomely rewarded, but also the users, the developers refer successfully to the platform.

To participate, each developer may be controlled by the JavaScript. Here, developers are rewarded for each successfully submitted DApp with 100 NAS. The highest weekly reward is 10,000 NAS, or even more, when he developed multiple Apps.

Excellent DApp developers also have the option of the Blockchain incubator Nebulabs (Nebulas Labs), in order to accelerate the growth of Startup projects in the Nebulas-the Blockchain.

In the center of the development, not the Token, but the search engine of the Nebulas-platform.

Objectives and functions of Nebulas

With the help of the Nebulas platform blockchains can be used for Smart Contracts, Assets, users and all the information running on the Blockchian, searches.

The Nebulas Ranking System helps to find the most useful distributed applications. Found DApps are compared to each other, wherein the ranking is determined place on the basis of liquidity, the frequency of the DApps-use and interactivity between the users.

Nebulas Force to help the developers to be able to the Blockchain, and DApps changes/updates to make, without a split of the Blockchain (Fork) must be carried out. This leads to an enormous flexibility of the platform.

The Team consists, finally, that by the Blockchain technology, private data are protected prior to analysis and use by large companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook,.

Nebulas is a very interesting and complex project, however, is still in its infancy. We will keep Nebulas in the future in the eye.

The Nebulas rate at the time of writing, EUR 5.23 and and topped with a market capitalization of 238 million euros, 58 in the largest crypto-currencies.

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Read the Whitepaper: Whitepaper to read

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