N Korea: prepare problems with US to solve

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SEOUL – North Korea is always willing to meet with the U.S. wherever possible, the problems to talk. That the vice-minister of Foreign Affairs Kim Kye Gwan said Friday, after American president Donald Trump the day before the summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had cancelled.

Kim Jong-un

“We had a lot of respect for the efforts of president Trump, which, unlike all his predecessors, a historic summit between North Korea and the US are trying to achieve”, said the vice-minister, in a statement Friday to the outside was brought in by the state news agency of the country.

“We have to leave again to the US to know that we are open to problems in every possible way to solve”, he said. The American president continued Thursday in a letter to Kim Jong-un a line through the historical meeting, on 12 June would be held in Singapore.

According to North Korea the cancellation of Trump is not consistent with “the desire of the world.” A summit is, according to the declaration of the North Korean regime is necessary to address the serious enemy relations between the countries improve. “The announcement that the summit was canceled, came to us as a total surprise. We can not say anything else than that we are really, really a shame”, said Kim Kye Gwan.

The US demanded that Kim immediately his entire nuclear arsenal durable and controllable destroys. North Korea said on Thursday, with the blowing up of a tunnel in Punggye-ri, a location for nuclear testing to have destroyed. That happened in the run up to the now cancelled meeting.

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