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Michy Batshuayi can once again smile after ankle injury: “I had fear, but have much sacrificed to be here.”

c15a552ab23b8ba087191cfa6bdd2843 - Michy Batshuayi can once again smile after ankle injury: “I had fear, but have much sacrificed to be here.”

For Red Devil, Michy Batshuayi is the look since mid-april at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia focused. An ankle injury meant the end of his season at Borussia Dortmund, and so sat there for Batsman nothing else on then in silence, the recovery towards the world cup to start.

“I had fear and a lot of pain. I feared that my leg had broken. I dared not even look. the next morning said the doctors in Germany me even that I the world cup, but it was forgotten,” said Batsman.

Batshuayi left huurclub Dortmund and continued his rehabilitation further in Chelsea. There was the fear quickly unfounded. “Two, three days later I could already normal steps. During my rehab at Chelsea is the coach me immediately to come out here, to see how I was doing. And to ask if I’d be ready to return to the national team.”

That turns out now. “I have done a lot to my ankle to strengthen. I walk without fear. Injuries, that also plays very much in the head. You may physically be in order but you also need to angstvrij, so you will risks, dare to take. I have a lot of sacrificed and worked hard to be here today. The only thing I have to do now is play. And goals to create…”

“Focus on the world cup”

The injury meant the end of a successful uitleenbeurt to the Borussen, which, however, are interested in him permanently from Chelsea. In the Bundesliga he managed he in ten matches, seven goals and an assist. “It was a while ago that I still have so many had played. I can’t remember that I was at Chelsea two games in a row should show up. Did it virtue to be able to gain confidence. A preference, however, I do not: they are two great clubs. Currently the focus is on the world cup and I don’t want to think of what comes next.”

Under Roberto Martinez the striker has become an important pawn, as a permanent substitute for first striker Romelu Lukaku, or in case of need, as a second attacker in addition to the topschutter of Manchester United. With Christian Benteke there is now a third deep striker in the pre-selection of 28. “With that hierarchy at the strikers, I’m not really concerned, that is work for the coach. I like to think that I always a job well-done when he needed me to,” decided Batshuayi.

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