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Max Verstappen dreams of pole position in Monaco: “I believe”

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Max Verstappen hopes secretly to-morrow the polepositie to conquer the GP of Monaco. Given the strong performance of the Red Bull F1 team on Thursday, that would be best.

Twice a second time, that was the result of Max Verstappen during the first two practice sessions for the GP of Monaco. Verstappen and Red Bull delivered yesterday, very strong on the street circuit of Monaco, what it best suggests for the rest of the race weekend.

It looks indeed that the Red Bull RB14 both in kwalificatiemodus as racemodus very well know to perform in Monaco. An additional advantage for Red Bull is that the Monaco is a little disadvantage to be affected by the somewhat less good Renault engine.

During the two practice sessions ended both Red Bull cars on the first two places. Even though they had Verstappen always be satisfied with second place behind team-mate Ricciardo, the Dutchman was dreaming now all of the polepositie in Monaco.

“It went well from the beginning, it was a very positive day,” said Max Verstappen yesterday compared to his official website. “Our car has lots of grip and easy to control, which is very important on a street circuit like here in Monaco. I’m happy with it.”

That there is top margin for improvement is only better for both Verstappen at the Red Bull.

“We have today are not on the limit driving, but were already very fast. We had no problems with the alignment of the car, I had the right feeling in the car and there is still margin to improve. The Thursday was a good start. Hopefully we can this Saturday to continue,” concluded Verstappen.

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