Lenny Kravitz owes career to Michael Jackson

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Lenny Kravitz says his music career thanks to Michael Jackson. According to the singer, The King of Pop is a major influence on had.

Lenny Kravitz

The first concert that Kravitz ever visited what that of the Jackson 5 at Madison Square. From that moment on was the singer a big fan of Michael and always have been. There was also a dream for Lenny when he in 2001 with MJ should work on his last studio album Invincible.

“He is the one who all for me has realised,” says Kravitz to The Guardian. “He also thought it was too crazy to work together, he asked me to convert him to push, so I did.”

Although Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, he is still in a duet on Lenny’s new album, Raise Vibration, in september. “A lot of people that the number Low to hear, thinking that Michael Jackson was trying to do, but he really is himself.”

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