Klopp: ‘Then you think: wow, Real is strong’

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Jürgen Klopp preaches faith and trust in Liverpool in the run-up to the final of the Champions League. The English club takes the Saturday night in Kiev against Real Madrid, that three of the last four editions of the Champions League won.

Jürgen Klopp

“Experience is important and I’m sure Real Madrid for a few seconds before the match starts more confident feel than we are,” said Klopp at the press conference. “But the race does not end at that moment, which then begins.”

Klopp knows the power of The Royal, that on seasoned professional footballers who are accustomed to playing finals. “If you matches of Real Madrid are watching, you think: wow, they are really strong. But they have never against us played. We are Liverpool. We have a good team and in addition, is it in the DNA of this club to great things to achieve. No one was expecting that here we would stand, but we stand there. Because we are Liverpool.”

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