Katja Schuurman: “I was also culpable for #metoo’

9595da789c892b253b4056ed6d66e76d - Katja Schuurman: "I was also culpable for #metoo'

Actress Katja Schuurman says that they are also known for #metoo-behaviour of the accused could be, because they themselves are often sexual comments.

“The amount of very lewd remarks that I make, well, there are quite a quantity!”, says Schuurman Friday against

“As a woman, you become just less quickly accused of sexually unacceptable behaviour,” says the actress. “I’m not a scumbag, but I just find it funny to make that kind of comments to make. People whine already about others sexual comments and that is very unpleasant… Well, I take that comment very often, because I am that witty.”


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