Kanye pays coarse for drugsfoto Whitney

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Kanye West has quite the pouch surface for the cover art of his business partner, rapper Pusha T. He paid the 85,000 dollar (73.000 euro) for the rights to buy of a leaked photo of the bathroom of Whitney Houston.

Kanye West

The photo, reportedly made by a family member, caused a commotion in 2006. On the photo you can see how the sink of the singer, dotted with cocaine, crack cocaine, cigarettes and liquor. Whitney suffered the last years of her life with drug addiction. In 2012, drowned them in the bath after they are several drugs had been used.

Pusha T., who is in charge of Kanye’s record label G. O. O. D. Music, declared in a radio program that his colleague last minute decided previously selected to replace the pictures by the picture of the bathroom of Whitney. “At 1 am at night my phone and tells Kanye that he is not a good feeling about the artwork. He has something else, but only at the cost of 85,000. I tell him that I was not there for was going to pay, but he says: ‘No, this is what people should see in your music. I’ll pay it’.”

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