Jennifer Lopez is ready with television dramas

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The singer/actress says that she is too busy to play yet in the long, demanding series.

Jennifer Lopez will not be back on television as soon as her current project, Shades of Blue, over.

The third and final season of the show, in which Ray Liotta plays, ends this summer. Even though Jennifer is very proud of the show, she has admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that she is happy with the break, because the requirements of the drama were sometimes overwhelming.

When she was asked if she’s in even more series would play, she replied: “Not for a broadcaster – maybe something for Netflix with only ten episodes. It is difficult to measure. And I am familiar with a lot of hours of work, but I thought this was scary. The first week of filming, I thought to myself: “How am I going to hell yet two years to endure?”

The actress added, however: “For me, it is successful as I myself can say that we have a great show. That we have definitely done. I was more worried about the amount of time in the film would sit. A drama series with episodes of an hour is the hardest thing you can do in showbiz.”

The singer/actress was in addition to Shades of Blue, other projects, such as her shows in Las Vegas, her music and her role as a jury member at the show World of Dance. She admitted that she would like more episodes of the Shades of Blue had made, if they had the time.

“I have two children, a great friend with his own children, and we try to just have time together to spend. I’m not stopped working since January 1.”

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