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IOTA released the Devnet and Spamnet: More Testnets in development

bd3952091ed1f4c8d030b466bff496a6 - IOTA released the Devnet and Spamnet: More Testnets in development

IOTA was in the last days through a collaboration with UNOPS and the soon upcoming Release of the mysterious project “Q” in the headlines. Also in the technical field IOTA has achieved great progress. The new Testnet is as well as the Spament were released. Two more Testnets are in the planning stage.

IOTA has announced on their Blog that a new test network was launched in the name of Devnet. In this environment all the new developments and Features to be tried out, without the Mainnet (Tangle) or touches will be charged.

The Devnet is a separate Tangle, which, however, the most stable and latest Version of the IOTA-reference implementation, also known as the IRI. Apps, bug fixes, and the like can be tested in practice before these Upgrades will be implemented in the Mainnet.

Edward Greve, head of the development of the IOTA Foundation, that two more Testnets translated to be able to meet the complex testing requirements (free):

At least two more Testnets coming soon: Canarynet and Testnet1 (space for a Testnet2, as you can guess).Canarynet is specifically intended to test new versions of the IRI before they reach the Mainnet, and the other Testnets would be for … well, everything else!

By the extensions of the test environments, IOTA wants to achieve great progress in the improvement of some of the security issues. Daz the topics of blow balls and CTPS-variance.

Furthermore, IOTA has the Spamnet released that collects data to present and zuküfntige spam techniques and the resulting preventive measures.

In addition, the IOTA Foundation for growth by Jakub received by Cech. Cech was most recently program Manager at Microsoft Norway and was involved in projects, the social intelligences, and analysis of functions all around the Microsoft products.

Cech sees in the technology of IOTA made a great contribution for the society and is pleased to announce the Vision into reality (freely translated):

Our industry and company needs technologies that support you in the changes you’re going through.Distributed Ledger technologies will be the backbone of these industries and organizations and individuals in their daily needs of support. IOTAs own Tangle technology on-site as the technology that drives this important Transformation. I feel very honored and am looking forward to the Vision of the IOTA Foundation to become a reality.

In the course of IOTA is currently moving analog to the rest of the crypto market is more sideways, and in the last 24 hours, a rate increase of 1.85 percent . The price is currently at 1.31 euros and a market capitalisation of 3.6 billion euros. So that IOTA occupies currencies space 10 of the biggest Crypto.

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