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Interview with TV-TWO: For the television to be paid

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TV and money – to implement TV-TWO in fact. We met with the founders of TV-TWO Philip Schulz, and Jan Phillip Hofste, to learn more about your Version of the television of the future, and find out why the Blockchain should help with this.

The TV advertising market is the largest and one of the most inefficient advertising markets – each viewer receives the same advertisements displayed. Personalized advertising as we know it from the Internet, is therefore now also in front of the TV. Companies want to reach their audience and TV stations to keep their viewers in order to generate advertising revenue – so why not also the consumers of the cake?

For TV paid adventure sounds be – how should this work?

TV-TWO is a Smart TV App, which provides consumers with an automatically personalized TV experience – a channel that always shows what he is interested in. At the same time, brands can build a direct relationship with the consumers by rewarding him for the Look of your Clips with crypto-currencies.

When you Start the App, the viewer first sees traditional TV, but it can start by a simple push of a button on the remote control to the TV-TWO-world. Here is an endless Video Stream. On the consumer customized Streaming is ensured by several factors:

1. At the time of initial use of the App can be selected from various topics, areas of personal interest.

2. The App detects the usage behaviour of their Users in terms of classic TV channels, respectively, of the running TV-programme.

3. The App uses the behavior of your User in relation to the offered Video Stream (pause, rewind, skip), and determines which Video is displayed next.

The combination of these three factors leads to the fact that the TV-TWO-algorithm can create a tailor-made mixture of organic content and sponsored Videos with high relevance automated. Consequently, there are no annoying ad breaks, but a themed sequence of coordinated Videos. For the Look of the advertising content to the Consumer with our Utility Token is rewarded. The redistribution of advertising budgets is a logical step for us in a fairer and more transparent marketing world – after all, the viewer provides its attention and its data. Advertisers acquire the Token for Television and use this to broadcast your advertising to those consumers which of you have to. This is done in proportion of the viewed length of the clip. The Consumer can exchange the tokens for Bitcoin or euros on crypto exchanges.

Why does it need a Blockchain solution to realize your projects?

Our goal is not only to put the TV landscape is technologically on a Level with the Online world, but the future of advertising-funded models, with a stronger participation of the viewers to remodel. Advertisers around the globe complain of rising prices in the case of consistently poor transparency over your ad spend. Common questions are: “Who do I reach with my messages?”, “How the user interacts with my content?”, “Trust in the reporting worthy?”. The Blockchain technology offers the ideal Basis, a lack of confidence on the part of the advertiser to regain.

How do you ensure the decentralization of your Blockchain solution?

Our Smart-TV App communicates directly with the advertiser via a Smart Contract on the Ethereum block Chain. This transparency guarantees over the pool. Since the Smart Contract is for all parties on our GitHub can be viewed, there can be no Manipulation of the Watch Statistics on the open TV-TWO platform. In addition, it can be reduced by the direct interaction between the advertiser and the consumer, the relevance of TV channels. Since TV is still the mass medium par excellence, represents for us an exciting step in a decentralized future.

It is not difficult to convince the major TV channels? Which partners are you already on Board?

For us, strong partnerships for good Content are essential. Certainly the TV channels are among the largest producers of video material, however, there are plenty of other sources from film studios to Youtubers and Vimeo-producers. We have a variety of lines of exciting partners on Board. 24. May starts our ICO, and in the following days, we will give this is known. You may be curious.

What do I need to do as a TV viewer, to get the Token in my Wallet transferred?

At the first Start of TV-TWO will be created by the Smart TV App is a local Wallet. The Private Key is uniquely presented as a QR-Code on the screen. In addition, the user can synchronize his Wallet with the other devices. We are very careful to make the Setup as simple as possible. So we can run TV-TWO new parts of the society of crypto-currencies. The QR is scanned Code with the cell phone, which means it’s sit back and watch the future of television to enjoy. The Token will be automatically and conveniently collected.

If millions of people watch TV, and via Token-Micropayments will be rewarded, there’s not necessarily scaling problems?

The scalability of Ethereum-a Blockchain is actually one of our biggest challenges. Up scaling measures, such as Sharding attack, we continued on µRaiden Payment Channels, to combine the respective advantages of On – and Off-Chain transactions.

Where do you see TV-TWO in five years?

In five years, we TV want to have-TWO as a well-known Player in the German-speaking area is established. Advertisers are happy about the transparent TV advertising market and take advantage of the digital opportunities on the TV in full. Some Youtubers are exclusively switched to TV TWO, because they wanted to get away from clickbait-driven Trends and back to transparent Watch Statistics. TV channels have decided to make their content in the broadcast, to maximize your reach. We are pre-installed on every major television manufacturer. Already a TV market share of one per cent in the ROOF Region would give our Token to a market capitalisation of around 100 million euros. The possibilities are so huge.

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