In Russia condemned Ukrainian filmmaker in hunger strike

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The Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov is already twelve days on hunger strike. The man was a few years ago condemned in Russia, and there is a penalty of 20 years in a prison in Siberia. With his action in the run-up to the world cup in Russia requires Sentsov’s release of 64 Ukrainians who due to political motives are being held in Russia and the Crimea, reports human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Sentsov was given 20 years in prison because of terrorism. But the process was internationally fiercely criticized. The filmmaker comes from the Russian-annexed Crimea would be in the spring of 2014 bombings have committed. But HRW talks of “a false accusation for terrorism” and a “political show” on the website of the ngo. Amnesty International denounced in the past an “unfair process” in a military court.

Sentsov summarized on may 14, are on a hunger strike. To his lawyers, he stated that if he dies during the world cup, this is the bad situation of the detained Ukrainians under the attention it will bring, argues HRW. The organisation asks for his release for the world cup.

Also, the European Film Academy brings the situation of Sentsov under the attention. The film foundation demands his immediate release and appealed to everybody to minister of Foreign Affairs, (European) parliament and local Russian embassy to write about the situation of Sentsov. The action will have the support of directors such as Aki Kaurismäki from Finland, and the British Mike Leigh and Ken Loach, and Wim Wenders, the German director and president of EFA.

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