Human traffickers shoot at refugees

4b8996a93d4efb5926fc871f8e15b2c9 - Human traffickers shoot at refugees

BANI WALID – people smugglers have the fire opened on migrants and refugees who tried to escape from the complex where they are living in miserable conditions they were kept prison, west of the Libyan city of Bani Walid.

Archive view. African migrant in Bani Walid.

The international organization Doctors without Borders said Friday that there were at least fifteen deaths have been regrettable. There were also 25 wounded, of whom seven had to be hospitalised with gunshot wounds and broken bones.

The survivors, mostly teenagers, said that more than a hundred people have tried to blow. About forty others, mostly women, are left in the illegal prison. The Msf team makes every effort to save them. The victims come mainly from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.

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