Guus Meeuwis on 1 inside in album list

4cf2ef51782f3917be43d95270c39cf2 - Guus Meeuwis on 1 inside in album list

Guus Meeuwis with his new album Happiness is directly on the first place ended up on the Album Top 100. Also the number 2 in the list is new. It comes to Jacin Trill with Happyland 2.0.

Guus Meeuwis

The fans have to wait for the new album from the Brabant singer. Morning of 2015 was the last album He made. Luck came last week. At the end of August begins the singer at his eponymous theatre.

The British Arctic Monkeys had last week the number 1 position in the hands, but their long-awaited album Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino dropped to the tenth spot in the list.

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