Gepeste Matt is now a millionaire and gives bully job

a8103f208a456c1224508de6119f3a68 - Gepeste Matt is now a millionaire and gives bully job

LONDON – Real meaning in the encounter, they had probably not, but the British multimillionaire Matt Fiddes (39) is the life of a bully from his childhood, transformed by thirty years later, speak with him in a tv show.

Gym fanatic Matt Fiddes was at the age of 21 is already a millionaire after all the harassment extra motivated was to make something of his life. He is now the owner of over 700 (fighting)gyms.

Bully Anthony Reape (39), a construction worker by profession, was depressed after his marriage on the verge of falling apart. “From the moment I Matt met, I knew that everything was going to change,” he says against the Daily Mail.

The two saw each other in the British ontbijtshow This Morning, after which they contact continued to hold and even good friends were. Anthony gave in the show on national television that he and Matt had been bullied because he himself was uncertain. Viewers found the interview ’inspiring’ and the men decided to work to antipestcampagnes in the whole country.


“Thanks Matt, I have meaning in life”, says Anthony. He sportte along with Matt, was twelve pounds off and runs now a gym of the man he used to be picked on. “I have a very different outlook on life and a lot of respect for Matt.”

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